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Content Marketing Executive

Carl joined Quadrant2Design at the beginning of 2023 and currently serves as Content Marketing Executive.

Before joining Quadrant2Design Carl came from a diverse marketing background, having previously worked in industries including trade shows, facilities management, finance, stock trading, property investment and venue marketing.

After graduating in Advertising & Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University in 2015, he worked in the UK for a number of years before travelling for two years across Asia and Australia, where he also worked in finance and investment.

Upon returning to the UK, Carl freelanced in content creation while also working in antiques and artwork transportation. In 2023 he returned to Marketing full-time, joining Quadrant2Design as our Content Marketing Executive.

What is your background?

My background is primarily in Digital Marketing, with a fair bit of experience in exhibitions.

I graduated in Advertising & Marketing Communications from Bournemouth University and have worked across various sectors including facilities management, finance, property investment, stock trading and venue marketing.

For a number of years, I travelled across Asia and Australia, which gave me a great opportunity to see the world and work in different environments and cultures.

What first attracted you to work at Quadrant2Design?

A lot of my previous experience focused on digital marketing, but I also had a lot of experience in trade shows and exhibitions, which I always really enjoyed. Working with Quadrant2Design offered a perfect combination of all my favourite parts of marketing.

In my interview, I was impressed with the passion everyone had for the product and, while looking around the office, I got a real sense of how much of a well-oiled machine the company is.

Everyone contributes and works really well together and I was keen to be a part of that!

What would you say is your biggest achievement working at Quadrant2Design?

In a relatively short space of time, I’ve been offered a lot of responsibility and a lot of freedom. I’ve written pieces for various magazines and publications on behalf of the company, created new structures and processes and have been heavily involved in the creation of at least 2 new websites.

What is it like working at Quadrant2Design? How would you describe the culture?

The people are what make Quadrant2Design great. Everyone works together to get the work done, and, besides that, everyone gets on really well and it’s a nice “work hard, play hard” atmosphere.

Any advice for someone applying for a job here?

Be confident about what you bring to the table, and honest about any shortcomings. It’s a fast-paced environment where everyone has something unique to contribute and being able to confidently say where you’d fit into that goes a long way.

What are your interests outside of work?

  • Weight-lifting and fitness
  • Travel – as far as I can, as often as I can
  • Stock trading and investment
  • Professional wrestling – watching, not participating!


Check out our timeline of Carl's career at Quadrant2Design, including all of the major developments that led to his current role as Content Marketing Executive.

  • 2023

    • Content Marketing Executive

      Joined Quadrant2Design in 2023 as Content Marketing Executive, managing the company’s external voice and working with all departments to share expertise with the industry.

    • Quadrant2Design Videos

      Populated Quadrant2Design’s dedicated videos resource website as part of the company’s continued efforts to provide industry-leading information.

    • Quadrant2Design Careers

      Provided the content for Quadrant2Design's dedicated career’s website allowing the company to attract the best and brightest events industry candidates.

  • Pre 2023

    • Various Marketing Roles

      Fulfilled a number of marketing roles (including freelance work) spanning various sectors including trade shows, facilities management, finance, stock trading, property investment and venue marketing.

    • Travel - Asia & Australia

      Travelled for 2 years through Asia and Australia, living and working in various locations across Australia.

  • 2015

    • Graduated from University

      Graduated in Advertising & Marketing Communications from Bournemouth University.